Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My continued thanks to you all

Three months ago, I posted a note to my readers that the blog had hit 4000 views, only five months after hitting 3000, with increasing views all along.  Well, now 5000 views have passed.  I hope the articles I have been posting are of interest to you, and perhaps you have shared some of them with others.  There are more in the queue, waiting to be published, and you never know when another will be posted.  So thanks to you all, and please keep reading along.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

You want me to do what????

healthAmidst and among all of the cures and potions that we doctors recommend are lots of products steeped in folklore.  Some of them may work, others not so much.  So here is an article I helped with that looks at a few such remedies.  

These home remedies sound pretty disgusting, but they work

Now, if anyone is interested, I may be convinced to expand on this a bit with even more information about some of these, and other, "cures."