Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Red Wine, Vitamin D, Mercury and Pills ... so much to worry about

Prevention Magazine's website put up a little article looking at some of the health facts v. myths that we all think we know about.  I have a little general comment in the beginning of the article, that kind of sets the tone for these kinds of controversies.  Take a look, you might learn something!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vigoda's Death Ends Fish Swimming Upstream

Back when he was playing Detective Fish on Barney Miller, he played a scene where Fish was thought to be dead, despite his being on the phone; and some 33 years ago, Abe Vigoda, himself, was reported as having passed on, giving him fodder for humor ever since.  But now, with the passing of this 94 year old singular actor, there are lessons to be learned in how he lived, and why he died.  Here is an interview I did with Charlotte Libov for Newsmax that looks at the death of a legend.

Friday, January 22, 2016

More on Glenn Frey's death

The rather sensational coverage of singer/songwriter Glenn Frey's death continues, with my being interviewed for yet another website, The Wrap.  I think it is important to realize that all of these interviews, as with previous celebrity tragedies, are being looked at in general terms from a distance.  The words used may sound sensational and specific, but, in the case of famous people, are often used with journalistic liberty.  Each of the people involved have had their own unique set of circumstances, the details of which are known only to their physicians and family, and which clearly influence the decisions made and outcomes obtained.  If you have any of the conditions discussed, please do not assume anything or act on any situation without having a full and frank discussion with your own physician.  While we look to celebrities for many things, health care advice should likely not be one of them, especially when drawn from partial information and unknown consequences.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Descent of an Eagle

The death of Eagles founder Glenn Frey disturbs on so many levels.  That a young man should die of diseases that many may have only heard about on commercials is troubling.  The combination of illnesses that Glenn Frey suffered produced a devastating effect on his health, raising questions in many.  Here is an interview I did with Yahoo Health about this terrible loss.

I received another call about this, from old friend Charlotte Libov on the Newsmax site.  With such a high profile death, questions continue to bounce around.  Here are my further thoughts on that website on

Bone Chilling Advice

With the mid-Atlantic seaboard in the grip of the first serious cold weather of the winter season, and temperatures dropping to single digit levels, our local CBS affiliate television station stopped by my office to get a few words on the effects such cold can have on people exposed to it.  Here is the clip that ran on Monday night, January 18, 2016, with a few choice medical thoughts of mine.