Friday, May 1, 2015

Sleep - if more is bad, is less worse?

Is Insomnia Deadly?Lots of press recently about sleep.  In an earlier blog post, I looked at some of the evidence that sleeping for too long, over nine hours, makes you more prone to strokes and other ills.  Well, it turns out that short sleeping, sleeping for less than six or seven hours nightly, is not the best thing, either.  Here are some of my thoughts in another article, about the other end of the sleep spectrum, in a piece entitled:
I think that if there is a lesson to be learned here it is, as with many aspects of our lives, that health lies in moderation.  But if you are having problems with sleep, such as short sleep, insomnia, interrupted sleep, or extended sleep, see your physician.  There are many health problems that can affect sleep, and they may not all be apparent to the casual eye.  You may need a sleep study, or even more tests, but ignoring the problem will not mitigate its effects nor make it go away.  And not paying attention could have severe consequences. 

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