Thursday, June 4, 2015

An old Maxim surfaces

Last year, Maxim magazine had posed a bunch of rather far out questions to me.  Although many were published in the magazine, some were not, and the magazine reportedly changed its format and is no longer featuring the "ask the doctor" type question.  So, when a friend sent me a link to the South African Maxim site, I did a double take!  Check out this informative column!

Just in case this link goes down ....

Why Does Scaring Someone Cure the Hiccups?
-Marcus Sims

Marc I. Leavey, M.D at a medical centre in the USA, breaks it down, “When your diaphragm is having spasms that produce hiccups, a good, swift stretch, such as that produced by the involuntary gasp from a scare, often is enough to break the cycle.” Now, if you can tell us our financial future, chances are our hiccups will be gone for good.

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