Sunday, February 14, 2016

The important skill you hope you never need

You’ve seen it on TV, often parodied, with an individual unable to talk, flailing arms or grasping the neck, only to have another come from behind, push in on the abdomen, and have a hunk of food fly across the room.  When it’s happening for real, it’s not so comic.  I know, I’ve been there and needed to perform such a maneuver on more than one occasion, likely saving lives.  Here is a little article from the Safe Bee website that addresses the problem with an outline of just what to do.  You would do well to read this, and maybe ask your physician about it, so that that you could be in a position to help should the need arise.  And, just to be sure to get widespread coverage, below the link for the English site, there is one in Indonesian - in case anyone needs to read it in that language!

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