Monday, May 30, 2016

String of Medical Pearls Around the World

Over the recent past, a bunch of the articles in which I have been quoted have been picked up in countries outside of the US, in languages other than English.  Some of you may enjoy seeing some of these pieces, and could use them to sharpen your language skills.  So, in no particular order, enjoy the following:

Here’s an article from Jordan that might change your bathroom habits

لن تستعملوا سيفون الحمام بنفس الطريقة عندما تقرؤون هذا المقال!

If you get burned while in Indonesia, here are some thoughts to keep in mind

Atasi Luka Bakar dengan Cara Ini

If you are planning to have a vasectomy in Vietnam

Chồng thắt ống dẫn tinh vợ vẫn có bầu

And here is some advice from Indonesia about airplane travel

I hope you enjoy these, and I do look forward to posting more as they show up!  It really is a World Wide Web!

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